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Is this mandatory for me to be able to create free tours? Absolutely not, posting to® is completely optional.

Why purchase credits? is a PicturePath partner, hence we have the ability to post tour links created by our users to their® listings. Operated by Move, Inc., charges a fee for linking virtual tours to non-showcase listings on their website.

What do you get? When you post your tour link to, your existing listing will appear before listing without tours when anyone chooses the "Virtual Tours First" option on You will also get the icon of the "spinning red house" appearing on top of your listing to indicate that a virtual tour is available for viewing.

Is it worth it? According to Homestore, is the #1 real estate site with 5.7 million prospective home buyers and sellers visiting the website each month. Listings on with virtual tours receive 40% more views than listings without a virtual tour.  In addition the display "Virtual Tours First" option is clicked on more than 120,000 times each day.

Why else should you post? When you post your virtual tour to, you are not just making your listing more attractive to home buyers, you are building your own brand awareness with the display of your photo, name, and company logo. In addition, you are strengthening your ability to capture leads by increasing your listing’s exposure. Finally, letting sellers know that you will be posting their home on Realtor is a great differentiator for you as an agent.

How do I link my tour to a REALTOR.COM listing? You have an option to post your tour on REALTOR.COM either during the final step of your tour creation, or after publishing by going to the "My Tours", selecting the tour to be linked, and clicking "purchase" on the upgrade button.

Where else will my listing appear? Homestore has an agreement to power listing on the following websites:

This list is subject to change without notice. and Move, Inc. do not represent that all of these companies will use® gateways at any given time. ©2006 - 2010 All rights reserved.